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Time to Reach Self

Time to Reach Self


"Time to Reach Self" is a journey of self-knowledge.


Education Information
Time to Access the Self offers a deep and versatile perspective on the existential reality of human beings. By comprehending the working laws of the universe and the formulas contained in these laws, it enables them to develop the ability to establish cause-effect relationships.

Time to Reach Self, with respect to all spiritual disciplines that are the product of Spiritual Intelligence, approaches human development in a balanced and equal way. At the same time, it activates the Spiritual Intelligence that the person potentially carries, ensuring alignment with the universal and current.

Thus, while the person finds answers to the deepest questions he needs to know in his relationship with himself and the whole universe, he is renewed and refreshed with the repairs that take place in his mind and body.

• Reach to Essence works with the senses; By re-strengthening the sensory connections weakened by the impact of fast and modern life, it makes it possible to have a sharper and clearer sensory perception and thus to open up to deeper experiences.
• Reaching the Self works with feelings and thoughts; It carries the awareness to the higher potentials of existence by transforming the emotions and thoughts that have been suppressed and pushed into the subconscious and occupy the mind with powerful techniques.
• Thanks to the awareness gained with Access to the Self, a person develops a sensitivity towards every particle of existence of which he is a part, is equipped with a strong sense of responsibility, and moves to the deepest wisdom within himself. It achieves the ability to easily manage its internal and external resources with this wisdom.
• Access to Self reveals the competence of self-control by providing a healthy and active will development. With this self-control awareness, it becomes easier to identify weaknesses and to protect the will against them. Thus, it is possible to get away from all addictions that threaten physical and mental health caused by weaknesses and to reach a quality life.
• Erim to the Self enables to reveal the virtues brought by creation with the strong visions it creates for self-realization, to transform the ores in human nature into jewelry and to dedicate it as a service to the whole.
• Reaching the Self reconstructs erroneous perspectives on sexual energy, helps to understand the importance and power of sexual energy, helps people to direct this energy, which is its natural strength, and to reach the highest satisfaction within oneself.

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