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Masculine Art

Masculine Art


A way of awakening and enlightening cosmic energy with the male and female forces


Education Information

An enlightened person;
Who is complete and whole in himself,
Living a life full of satisfaction
expanding into the field of infinite potentials and possibilities,
Compliant with natural laws,
And he acts in unison with everyone.


Via the Ancient Tantra way, the Herculean Art offers the opportunity for enlightenment by glorifying the feminine and masculine energies within oneself. By raising awareness about the sexual aspect and nature of the universal energy, which is the natural force of man, it provides a healthy restructuring of all concepts of gender and sexuality in the human mind. It may be possible for us to awaken the spark of divine intelligence within us through the many techniques we use or resort to for enlightenment, but this alone is not enough; however, it is necessary to direct it to the infinity experience of the inner self. Erkdişil Art deals with the human being through the whole design of creation; by embroidering her sexual and spiritual nature on each other, she enables her to give full and complete acceptance to her own existence.

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