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Secrets of the Holy Womb

Secrets of the Holy Womb


A workshop and retreat dedicated to the awakening and ascension of feminine energy


The womb contains the purpose of creation and all the potential of the feminine energy. There is no difference in characteristics between the womb in the woman's body and the universal womb. There are only things to know about the degree of connection between them. The weakened connection creates a feeling of separation; this separation triggers intense thoughts of worthlessness, causing a range of problems, illness, and depression. Being conscious of her own nature, woman shines, transforms, repairs, covers, designs and presents; attains virtues such as abundance, fertility, patience, trust, tranquility and mystery.


It is necessary for a woman to reveal this potential and discover her inner path in harmony with her own nature, for personal, social and worldly well-being. The restoration, nurturing and awakening of feminine energy is a tremendous gift for both the current order and future generations. 


Secrets of the Sacred Womb is a workshop specially designed for women so that they can present this gift. In the studies carried out under the guidance of Fatma Meryem Suna and her trainers, who have been working with women for a long time and helping to reveal their feminine potential, the necessary tools and resources are provided for the inner and outer womb to reawaken in all its glory and emerge with an original design.


Thus, the Secrets of the Sacred Womb reminds the woman of her responsibility for awakening, providing a holistic field of experience that invites her to discover her intuitiveness, her emotional nature and her deepest resources.


Thanks to this experience, the woman recognizes her body and opens up to the pleasure in it, revealing the hidden gem in her womb. By awakening his inner strength, he remembers to experience the pleasure he receives holistically, not regionally. At the same time, she experiences the perfect relationship between the fluidity of her emotions and sexual satisfaction. As the woman allows the flow and transitions of emotions, her sexual energy also increases, rises and expands; When it harmonizes with the spirit of the moment, high orgasmic experiences are revealed, which brings complete satisfaction. In this way, the Secrets of the Sacred Womb offer a woman a way to move into the experience of knowing herself in a different and extraordinary way, and to experience true freedom. 


Having achieved this freedom, the woman cares about and trusts the messages conveyed by her intuition; the power of intuition means eternal wisdom for a woman. Discovering the wisdom and compassion in her being, the woman learns to stand honorably in the face of the weaknesses of love, and opens up to the healing nature of the shaman, which is a gift of her existence.

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