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Sathmahal Gülistan Ekolojik Yaşam Köyü, Doğamla Yaşam, Doğanın Zekası ile uyum içinde ortak hareketle yaşama sanatı bilinci

Conscious Generations

By instilling environmental awareness and nurturing our children's connection with nature through firsthand experiences, we are actively contributing to the preservation of a clean world that they will inherit.


The most effective approach to teaching children about the significance of nature and fostering their harmony with it is by immersing ourselves in the natural environment alongside them. By employing engaging narratives that highlight the responsible consumption of natural resources and sharing authentic stories, we can deepen the bond they have with nature as they witness its wondrous miracles.

In addition to educating children about critical topics such as environmental pollution, the value of nature, and compassion towards animals, we must also foster their understanding of globalization, technology, human mobility, social and cultural changes, and the associated challenges. It is essential to raise them with strong moral values guided by wisdom and love, while directing them towards activities that cultivate fundamental life skills. Equipping them with a vision of how they currently live and how they aspire to live will empower them to navigate their path forward.

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