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Sathmahal Gülistan Ekoköy, Ekolojik Yaşam Köyü, Doğamla Yaşam, Doğanın Zekası ile uyum içinde, paylaşarak büyümek, yaşam sanatı, yaşama sanatı, ortak hareket

Sathmahal Gulistan Echo Village and Retreat Center

Life in Gûlîstan offers an experience richness far beyond conventional holiday resorts and educational programs. You can engage in various activities in different fields, embark on exploratory experiences, and enjoy quality hours of conversations with friends while relishing the solitude of Gûlîstan's retreat and social spaces.

Gûlîstan, named after the vibrant roses scattered across its expansive land, is designed as a spiritual school that harmoniously coexists with nature, preserving its own resources. Beyond workshops and activities, it becomes a warm home where the staff lives and a delightful world where they bring life to the principles of education.

From the moment you step into this warm home and delightful world, you witness that everything in this space communicates with you in a vivid manner. You can enjoy the generous offerings of fruit trees, visit the centuries-old Dardağan Tree and find answers to your soul's questions in its serene and tranquil nature. You can open your heart to the historic Vefa Well, which has provided healing waters from its source for decades, and share your deepest secrets without hesitation. The small stream surrounded by majestic plane trees and colorful oleanders beckons you with the soothing sound of flowing water, offering your soul a natural therapy. The campfire lit every evening under the open sky and stars becomes a gathering point for love circles, where people come together around different topics and discussions.


Gûlîstan is the address of natural joy and pure enthusiasm, with surprise celebrations, original dances, creative performances, swimming pools, and imaginative games where adults and children enjoy themselves together. For those who visit, Gûlîstan is truly a paradise experience.

Gûlîstan bakes its own bread in a wood-fired oven and serves it fresh alongside a diverse selection of breakfast and meal options made from natural village products. Rose sherbet made from the garden's rose petals is sweetened with honey from local highlands and served with various rose lokum delights. Gûlîstan shines with its vegan and vegetarian dishes, showcasing traditional flavors from all regions of Turkey, particularly the Aegean and Mediterranean, in its cheerful kitchen.

Life in Sathmahâl Gûlîstan provides the opportunity for you to understand and embrace your spiritual identity, and to alleviate your sense of loneliness by being in the company of like-minded friends in a sincere and supportive environment.

For those who feel stuck in the superficiality of the material world and seek to uncover what lies beyond the surface, activate a deeper sense of perception, and open up to the realm of meaning, Gûlîstan serves as an effective meeting place.

The Gülistan Life Project is designed with the purpose of enabling individuals to access their pure essence, find answers to profound questions about existence and life, and meditate on the chaotic mind brought by internal and external conditions, leading to heightened self-awareness. It is built upon an organic, harmonious, and supportive worldview through its workshops.


In this regard, Gûlîstan is comprised of a strong team dedicated to understanding their true selves, living each moment with mindfulness, fostering deep and powerful connections, and embodying a genuine sense of family.

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