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Life Path to Self


Life is a network of relationships and communication, existence is possible by establishing relationships. This relationship and communication is inherently natural, lively, fulfilling, enthusiastic and original for all beings. However, when a person does not know how to preserve the dignity and greatness he has by nature, he deprives himself of the beauties of life.


An honorable existence is possible by rooting people in high virtues and virtues. Life in the Sathmahâl Gûlistan family is embroidered with this understanding. Activating just one of these virtues changes a person's entire life journey, allowing other virtues to bloom like a flower in one's existence.


The first step for this is the pledge of allegiance , because the relationship and communication in the universe began with 'word'. For this reason, when a person makes promises that he cannot keep, when he breaks his promise, he falls apart from this perfect communication. And a person is hurt and injured most because of not being faithful to the word; then this is reflected in life as insecurity and knots and spirals form in relationships. These complex relationships cause life, which is actually a blessing, to turn into a grueling journey that can last for generations.  


By staying true to the word, everything in the universe is in a perfect relationship with each other, and in this relationship, all beings present their own values and abilities without any plan or calculation. Whatever the ability and talent they are equipped with in line with the purposes of creation, they reveal it with the state of being. Thus, the consciousness of service is revealed, and nothing in this world questions what kind of service its service is, it just happens. Thus, they realize their life purpose with a natural flow.


Everything in life, like the flowers of a tree, like the waves of an ocean, is the work of the supreme existence, and everything from the body he is in to this realm in which he lives has been entrusted to man. Everything that has been created has a value and this value should be embraced. This is possible by looking after all the relics, avoiding, hiding them and treating them very kindly. It is also a part of it to pay attention to the had, border and border areas in relationships and also to determine individual boundaries.  


In order to keep this consciousness alive at all times, people are invited to live in greeting. The greeting is a call that reminds one another of the greatness within each being. In this way, respect is naturally experienced in relationships and communication. The person establishes relationships in which he and the other are satisfied and take responsibility for his choices.  


And while avoiding and hiding one another like this, a person actually takes care of his own value. Because no part in the universe is separate from another. Everything and everyone corresponds to a part, a part of the unity of the body, unity of the body. In truth there is no separation; There is oneness, unity, wholeness.


This consciousness also destroys the illusion that there is a winner or a loser in relationships. If a value is produced, all parties benefit from it. Only when one focuses on realizing this gain at the right time does one gain real value. And it's not about building a relationship with profits in mind; to enter into a relationship, to live that relationship, to experience, to grow, to develop and to ensure that its gains come as a gift.


The nature of such relationships is transparency and sincerity. And only in this way can a person invite himself and each other to develop the courage to reset all sub-realities and virtual realities, all perceptions and see the truth as it is. He can confidently walk his way to know himself, which is the sole purpose of life.


This walk is unique and special for every creature that has been created; It is infinitely diverse and always reaches Him. So the pressure of an imposing, persistent, single path threatens relationships and hinders this journey. A person can only serve this journey when he is inclusive and adopts the language of the heart, that is, the universal language.


Thanks to this focus, people are directed to a more divine voice and dialogue, called kalam. Thus, all his dialogues lead him to the truth and the truth, to the actual reality of that speech. This state of communication always keeps people pure.


And the person is crowned with the state of gratitude brought by this purity. At this level, it is the duty of man to preserve this state at all times; gratitude is to remember and remind. Because the next moment is born from the womb of the present moment, and thankfully, a blessed moment is of very high value.


In this way, man is like Water that flows freely in its own bed, purifies as it flows, and finally merges into the ocean; Like the Fire, which sometimes turns into a glow and sometimes knows how to smolder and burn, transforming and transforming as it burns; like the Earth that covers, repairs, nourishes, and is home to every seed, thus allowing rooting and flowering; he remembers that he is a sublime life form like Air, which carries the spirit and vitality of life in its manes, transforming from state to state but never losing its essence. This remembrance leads him to a blessed life that carries the glory of the earth and the sky, and thus becomes a beacon, a light for the path of another. This is the truth and right of man.

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