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Sathmahal Gülistan Ekoköy, Ekolojik Yaşam Köyü, Doğamla Yaşam, Doğanın Zekası ile uyum içinde, yaşama sanatını  bilen

Ecological Life

All living beings in nature play an integral role within the intricate web of ecosystems. An ecosystem represents the ongoing environmental interplay among communities or groups of organisms that reside and interact within a specific environment. It encompasses physical and chemical elements like soil, water, and nutrients that sustain the diverse array of organisms within it. Within an ecosystem, one finds a rich diversity of life, including various animals, plants, and microscopic bacteria. Moreover, ecosystems comprise not only living and non-living components but also the intricate interactions that occur among them. Remarkably, humans are an integral part of these ecosystems, which possess a remarkable innate balance.

On the other hand, ecological life embodies a way of living that embraces environmental consciousness, striving to preserve the natural world while avoiding disruption of its delicate equilibrium. It upholds the inherent right to life for all living beings, aiming to facilitate their continued existence in a healthy and thriving manner. Ecological life represents a holistic philosophy that recognizes the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things.

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