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Sathmahâl Gûlistan hosts your events. 

Our center serves the ecological cycle by observing harmony and harmony with nature;

It is designed to take responsibility for the protection of both environmental and cultural heritage, to preserve harmony with the ecosystem, to use natural materials such as wood and stone, and to use renewable energy resources to the maximum, without sacrificing comfort indoors and outdoors. 

It is an ecohotel and education campus where sustainable living models are developed with the importance and respect for the 4 great forces of nature, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

Multi-purpose hall, retreats and study areas designed for your training and events;

social areas for enthusiastic celebrations, indoor and outdoor restaurants, swimming pools, gazebos, and time spent with friends in camellias;

It adds richness to your work and experiences with the circles of love that form around the fire, which is the meeting point of everyone, almost every evening under the stars.


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