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Sathmahal Gülistan Ekolojik Yaşam Köyü, Doğamla Yaşam, Hayvan Dostlarımızla Uyum İçinde bir yaşam

Friend of Nature

"Nature represents an invaluable essence that every living being must embrace to cultivate genuine friendships, as it graciously provides us with the vital resources we require for sustenance and coexistence. Establishing a profound connection, fostering warmth, and engaging in effective communication with nature are the ultimate treasures for all life forms. Constantly acknowledging our intrinsic bond with nature allows us to harmoniously dwell within its embrace. Nature exemplifies harmony within itself, akin to a unified entity. To befriend nature entails attentively listening, intuitively sensing, immersing oneself, and earnestly reciprocating its benevolence by expressing gratitude for its abundant provisions that cater to our needs."

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