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Hosting Your Events

Sathmahâl Gûlîstan is hosting your activities.

Our center, prioritizing harmony and alignment with nature, serves the ecological cycle; it takes responsibility for the preservation of both environmental and cultural heritage, maintains harmony with the ecosystem, and is designed using natural materials such as wood and stone, both indoors and outdoors, without compromising comfort, while maximizing the use of renewable energy sources.

Sathmahâl Gûlîstan is an ecovillage and educational campus where the four great forces of nature, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, are treated with importance and respect, and sustainable living models are developed.

It features versatile halls, retreat and workspace areas designed for your education and activities; social spaces for joyful celebrations, open and enclosed restaurants, swimming pools, pergolas, and gazebos for spending time with friends; and every evening, around the fire, which serves as a meeting point for everyone under the stars, love circles form, adding richness to your work and experiences.

We welcome our guests.

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