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Gratitude is to affirm and bless existence by participating in life with enthusiasm, just as all living beings in nature do.

Gratitude is to be open to God’s support and nurturing care, which is presented through kindness, beauty, and offerings.

Gratitude is the result of utter and complete trust in the source of divine intelligence, embracing love and infinite strength.

Being able to wander under the clouds of blessing and benevolence without an umbrella is a generous reply to gratitude.


You nurture, amplify, and enhance everything you choose to look at and see. What determines the next moment are the choices made in this one.

Life is a blessed choice, and it is the greatest offering presented to every living being. Someone whose direction in existence is toward the fervor and blessing of life’s essence is someone who enters through the Gates of Gratitude. The blessed life always responds with more vivid and prosperous offerings. Gratitude is everywhere at all times. A mindset of gloom, grief, and anxiety is nothing other than being blind to life.


The way you exist gives existence meaning. If you have the courage to look at what is offered to you and experience it to its fullest extent, you will encounter variety, abundance, and accessibility. The sort of variety and abundance you can access is entirely your choice.


Gratitude is an uninterrupted connection with each living being. It is the affectionate and generous touch of a divine hand that reaches out at the perfect moment, just when you need it most. Our skills, faculties, and abilities are the greatest offerings that have been presented to our existence. One who does not comply with these gifts and follow their own nature and existence, which have been showered on them as blessings, are far removed from gratitude.


The spirit of the Earth is life. There are ways to live life in a genuine manner. Every living being looks for a path that will allow them to open up their own greatest potential and discover their own need to manifest themselves. The moment a being is formed represents life itself, and life is always filled with signs pointing in the right direction.

One who follows the signs on the path gains willpower and control over his or her life, and through this, the boundaries of the path enhances and exceed that person. Enhancement brings freedom of movement and independence, but only through yourself can you discover the infinite. A human actualizing itself does not have anything to do with a professional achievement, though, because what matters is to remember who you truly are, the person who discovers the infinite, permanent, and lasting means to become the authority of life’s path. Thus, a respectable and wise elderly leader is esteemed and recognized, and a saint with the responsibility of holiness shows the true path.


Surrendering is releasing yourself into the eternal bosom of existence in trust and peace. Surrender is actually merely allow yourself to remember that whatever exists is eternal gratitude. Surrender is knowing that you are protected by an infinite power. Surrender is to know deep in your heart that you’re being led by a divine intelligence. Surrender is to feel the consciousness of pure love, and it is to open yourself up to the notion that everything is perfect just the way it is.

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