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We’ve Always Been Taught to Love

We’ve all been taught to love your family, love your ancestors, love your neighbors, love your country, love nature, love your religion, love animals, love your spouse, love your kids, and of course, love God, but no one ever talks about being loved. Many other recipients are given to keep you away from yourself. Your innocent childhood heart volunteered to love everything other than “you.” Your childhood heart must have been exposed to such random, subordinate, and secret manipulation that you now cannot deal with this heart, because it doesn’t fit into an adult body. You can’t get rid of the dark side of love, where you say, “yes” and invite all into your heart with all your innocence. When you kill, you actually want to kill yourself, and you want to kill your mind, which has turned to turmoil and chaos because of everything that blocks you from seeing yourself. I know you don’t mean to harm anyone—I understand you.

You mean to love, again and again.

You intend to reset!

You want to be born again with each death

and live love properly next time around.

From the source,

From itself,

From You, death forgive me!

Forgive my mind that reduces you to my body, my selfishness that denies your existence, my cold, dark perception, the times I ran from you, and my fears that judged you, so that I can befriend you!

And you, through friendship, always express yourself as you are—I know.

By knowing and showing your place within the cycle of life, you show us your compassionate face.

So you will not unwittingly consume and annihilate us at the expense of each other—I know

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