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Who Are You?

Do you ever doubt the name you were given at birth? How is your mind when you’re asked, “What’s your name?” Is it doubtless and certain?

So, what makes you doubt who you are? Does your mind not make you ask, “Who am I?” Does it make you doubt yourself throughout the voyage of self-discovery? Would anyone who already knows who they are ask this question? People who ask this question distance themselves from themselves by just asking it. When there are a multitude of answers to this question in your segmented mind, how can you get close to an understanding that you no longer doubt who you are?

How long will you keep splitting up your mind, which is already divided in two, the one who knows the Truth and the one who does not, by asking, “Who am I?”

I say this as a person who has asked the same question and each time become more distant, yet unwittingly so, because I thought I was getting closer. The one who knows oneself does not ask this question. The one who asks this question can never come to know oneself.

You are the one who does not and will not change.

You are the one who knows, the one who is certain and doubtless.

You are the one embracing yourself.

You are the one who does not feel separated, distant, or divided.

You are the one who does not question what love is or is not but rather the one who merely loves

You are the one who does not try to balance between giving and receiving. You are the one that never doubts because you know they are the same.

You are the one who does not feel the need to defend, nor do you create a threat.

You are the one who is not affected, distorted, or shattered by whatever the circumstances.

Do not ask questions of the Truth! Go back to your mind, which knows the Truth, and tell it to remind you who you are. Who you are is clear and never changes. All you need to do is just accept it.

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