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The Divine Conquest of Oneness

Those who occupy others—causing waste in terms of time, affection, thought, and action—are the real squanderers. The greatest waste they cause is the loss of energy by ruthlessly raising doubts, assumptions, complexities, great emotional turmoil, and mental whirlwinds. They are depriving themselves of silent but meaningful communication based on serenity and the depth of the heart.

Those who refuse to learn from others regard their experiences and skills to be superior to everyone else’s. They also respond in a superior manner when someone learns from them. In both cases, it’s called a complex, and those who fall into that trap wallow in the mud of vanity and narcissism.

Almost the entire world is communicating through imitation, unable to move forward to investigation. Imitation results in communication that is artificial, repetitive, stagnant, absolute, and unending. Investigation, meanwhile, brings natural, spontaneous, vivid, novel, and lively communication that reflects the spirit of each new moment. Truth is born out of the womb of investigation.

Those who do not welcome with open arms the grace that is expressed every moment, both in the sky and down here on the ground, believe they incur a debt if they take something. They always feel a debt when they are offered a gift in their relationships. According to these people, refusing to accept something is a way to protect their freedom. They believe they are avoiding debt, but in reality, they are shutting themselves off from the greatest opportunities.

Those who refuse to acknowledge their own needs, expectations, and desires or express themselves dishonestly often expect to be pleased by others. This expectation steers them toward founding a relationship based on two basic mechanisms: bribes and threats. Bar a few exceptions, all earthly human relationships, no matter their nature, are driven by these dynamics.

When those who lack a big heart welcome someone inside, they feel a need to remove the other party and come up with all sorts of excuses, drawing them into an almost hostile way of communicating. They are not developed enough, so it’s hard for them to believe that they can love everyone and everything all at once. The narrowness of their hearts reflects on where and how they live. The only thing they need to learn, however, is that the magical breath of love can overcome the boundaries of their hearts and carry them to the divine conquest of oneness.

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