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The Freedom Given to Love

“For the one who believes in miracles, there is no need for evidence,

For the sceptic, there is not enough evidence.”


The heir to the infinite treasures of this realm of existence is the spirit, which is carried by the grand body. The greatest gift of this body is health, safety, and security. This is a natural birthright, and the greatest inheritance of every creature.


Finding your life goal, transforming the rock in you into a precious jewel, is very much like the relationship between a lover and the beloved. It pulls you towards itself, as strongly as you seek it.

When you allow the vibrations of this gift to echo in your heart, you start reading the signs, and you achieve your ingenuity through opportunities that come your way in perfect synchronicity.

In order to once again remember who you really are—the purpose of your creation, the existential value of your presence, and your pledge of service—the only questions you need to ask are sincere ones from the heart. Every question from the heart is a call, and only such calls can be called real prayers.


May each of us reach the refinement, intelligence, and sensitivity to respond to the spoken and the unspoken, the seen and the unseen, needs of each other.

May we gain the love and purity of heart to pray for these needs.

And may we be blessed with experiencing the honor of our prayers being accepted.

So, may the divine light be instilled inside us all, just like it’s been predicted on the ground and in the heavenly skies.


Be committed to,

Your inner realm,

Your Truth,

Your creation,

All the characteristics of the existence that made you who you are,

All the values provided for you,

The intelligence you have, the power within you, and the eternal love in your existence,

With gratitude and assurance.

This bond, which incorporates you within you,

Opens you up to

Unite with your Essence, your eternal beneficence, and your grace and blessings.

It carries you to many blessed births and the ultimate union.


Live your life accepting yourself, your choices, and your presence, rather than spending your life trying to please others and be pleased by others. This will mean you enjoy the consent of God, the most prevailing and all-encompassing entity of all.


No matter what choices our life path presents, no matter where we are on our journey, no matter how we are seen on the outside, we are all whole and complete, just like the moon above us.


“You become the perfect curator, an eternal friend, once you respond to their deepest needs, the ones even they are unaware of, instead of responding to their desires.”

Make your life choices solely with regard to the Creator’s consent.

This is how you set sail with an unfailing compass on a journey filled with mercy and grace.


The way to open up to eternal grace, beneficence, kindness, and virtue is to stop controlling how people love you and just say, “Love me as you wish” to everything in life. This is the freedom given to love.

It is a bold choice that allows your understanding of love to change entirely.

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