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To Volunteer for the Love of the Lover

On this planet, in this form, it feels like the purpose of life is to love you. To love you is to love the Earth, the entire universe, and existence itself. To love you is to love myself. As I love you, and you allow me to love you, and as everyone surrenders to love, then we all love each other, and I can admire this extraordinary love that is reflected from inside me.

Rumi did not fall in love with Şems, and no one understands the mystery there. Rumi was born to love. He was a true lover, and until he met Şems, he continually searched for someone he could love, someone he could convey his love to and who would absorb his love.

Love is so great and strong that everyone subconsciously runs away from it. It is difficult to carry such love, because it is the divine light itself. Şems had the courage to aspire for that love, and once he opened himself up to it, Rumi could convey the divine light of that love without getting lost in his own challenges.

You are the one who volunteers for my love. Not breathing it in means to remain breathless. The issue is not to find a spouse, a friend, or a partner. Beyond all these roles is the heart we are looking for, one that can volunteer for love and inhale it like a breath before letting go of that breath with pure generosity. That is the only difference from the others. It is a magnificent light within you that is so bright that everyone adores it. That’s why the name is Şems, meaning the sun. It is love’s divine light that you see, and all of humanity is merely searching for someone else who can also carry this divine light.

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