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We Are Earth

We are from Earth, and we are Earth. We are the Universe and the Cosmos.

While our hearts may seem tiny, they are much greater, wiser, and loving than all the Cosmos. This is neither our first fire, nor is it the last…

We will burn in the flames. Sometimes we will called it love, and sometimes we will call it immolation.

We will be submersed in water. Sometimes we will call it mercy and grace, and sometimes we will call it a flood.

Every struggle will make us tremble within. Sometimes we will call it a transformation, and sometimes we will call it an earthquake.

Against all the odds, we will continue to move forward, because we’ve been doing this since time began, and we’ll continue to do it for eternity. We will be cleansed with each step we take.

Yes, we will burn, and yes, there will be storms, with the wind blowing away the charred remains and making way for green shoots and the water of life.

With each step we take, we strive to be better, until we reach the final point, which is the beginning. Life will start over whenever it dies, and this will take place in each and every moment. What has already happened will take place. Indeed, it is taking place right now.

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